"Congratulations to the scientists and engineers at NYU-Poly on filing for union representation. As an international scholar, I feel it is extremely important for us to join together and collectively represent ourselves so that we can effectively protect our rights and benefits, gain respect and fair treatment, and improve our experience working at U.S. Universities."

- Xiao Qing Cao, President of UAW Local 5810, representing more than 6,000 Postdoctoral Researchers in the University of California system

Our NYU/Polytech. Our Union.

Teaching, Research and Graduate Assistants at NYU/Polytech face low wages, inadequate health insurance and unsafe lab conditions. Like many other workers, we have decided to come together and do something about these issues through forming a Union and bargaining a contract with the University.

Why a Union? It is the best way for employees to use the power of our collective voice to have a say in our workplace on issues like pay, workplace safety and benefits. And with a union, we can win a contract that will secure the improvements we achieve for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about forming a union