GSOC-UAW History: 15 Years of Majority Support

1998: A majority of NYU grad employees sign cards choosing GSOC-UAW as their union.

2000: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) affirms our legal right to collective bargaining, then certifies GSOC-UAW as our union after a majority grad employee vote.

2002: GSOC-UAW members at NYU negotiate and vote to ratify major improvements to stipends, benefits, and employee rights in the first-ever contract for graduate employees at a private university.

2004: The Bush-appointed NLRB reverses legal precedent in the Brown University decision, saying private universities aren't required to bargain with grad employees.

2005: Despite continued majority support for GSOC-UAW and a graduate employee strike supported by NYU faculty and community and elected leaders, NYU cites the Brown decision and refuses to bargain after our first contract expires.

2005 - 2009: GSOC-UAW continues our grassroots campaign to organize and maintain majority support from grad employees; NYU continues to refuse to bargain.

Spring 2010: Yet again, a majority of NYU graduate employees sign union cards, and GSOC-UAW requests voluntary recognition for our union from NYU. The administration again refuses to negotiate and instead hires an expensive law firm to fight our legal right to bargain.

May 2010: GSOC-UAW files for recognition with the NLRB, beginning a legal process of restoring collective bargaining rights for graduate employees at NYU and all private universities.

2011: NLRB regional director Elbert Tellem says the evidence suggests graduate employees do "work" at NYU and could have bargaining rights if the NLRB would overturn the Brown decision.

June 2012: After a GSOC-UAW request, the NLRB announces it will review the Brown University decision and consider restoring our right to collective bargaining, which could lead to an election to certify GSOC-UAW as early as fall 2012.

Fall 2012: GSOC-UAW continues our grassroots campaign, increasing majority support for the union and winning back grad employee collective bargaining at NYU.

NOW: Get involved! Our union is stronger when graduate employees talk to each other about the issues that are important to us. To get active in the GSOC-UAW campaign, or if you have any questions, please email or call us at 212-529-2580. And follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date.