Why We're Building Our Union, GSOC-UAW

We're building our Union because graduate employees at NYU deserve a real say in the conditions of our work. From wages, to benefits, to working conditions like health and safety in university labs, we think we can do better, and we know we deserve an equal seat at the table when these matters are decided.

We are the Graduate Student Organizing Committee-UAW Local 2110 (GSOC-UAW), the Union for graduate employees at NYU. This includes all NYU graduate students who work as Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Graduate Assistants. A majority of graduate employees have supported GSOC-UAW for 14 years now, but the NYU administration is blocking our path to collective bargaining. As of fall 2012, our case is under review with the National Labor Relations Board, and we hope to have the chance to vote and win back our Union as soon as this semester. But we're not waiting to hear from Washington. We're building our union every day and we need your help! learn more